Patrick Landry

Patrick Landry

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Username * FrozenSun
Country * Canada
City Winnipeg


Current Position Designer
Areas of Expertise Graphic Design
Preferred Tools IllustrationModelingAnimationAfter EffectsCINEMA 4DFlashFreeHandIllustratorMayamental rayPhotoshopPoserVueSofimage


Availability: Freelance


Well ok then i shall say a tiny bit about myself. I reside and have always lived in Canada, and yes i am French as well :) I went to College for Graphic Design but have since then learned a lot more. I have taught myself web design as well as 3D. Currently i mostly use Maya, Vue Esprit (and was using Vue D'esprit) ,Cinema 4D and of course Photoshop. Well of course those are for my 3D work i use different software for Graphic Design. I tend to like more the animation portion over the modelling, but i have also tried many software packages like Softimage, Houdini, 3ds Max, etc. Also i plan on doing a lot more fx work as that is something that i enjoy. Oh and i almost forgot, i can happily say that i was one of the beta testers for Vue 5 xStream for Maya :)
Well hope that was not too boring and thank you for reading.